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Suzanne Daigle

US Partner - Igniting Human Potential Sarasota FL

“Suzanne brought the full force of her amazing passion and skills to our event. Her prodigious energy and commitment allowed us to work as a team, fulfilling our mission 'to be the touchstone for a fundamental change in the way scientists and others work together to ‘do’ science.” - Kennan Kellaris Salinero, Executive Director and President, Yámana Science and Technology

Contact Suzanne

  • Tel: (941) 359-8877
  • Mobile: (203) 722-2009

Languages: English, French


Business strategist, consultant and organizational self-management coach, Suzanne Daigle spent the first 25 years of her career in manufacturing and telecommunications working in Canada and the United States.

Suzanne got her start working as a journalist, covering a broad range of topics and issues. She was then recruited by a large multi-national forest products company to launch a broad-based corporate communications program. Thus began her passion to involve, include and engage employees on the key issues and core strategies of the business, going beyond traditional hierarchy and functional silos to create the context for organizational success. Over the next 20 years, Suzanne expanded her scope of responsibilities assuming leadership roles in multiple functional areas including corporate communications, strategic planning, public and media affairs, labor relations, succession planning, mergers and acquisitions, pension and benefits management, recruitment and leadership development.

Today as a consultant, she works with leaders and teams to engage people across the organization on the most important issues and opportunities of the business. By introducing practices and processes that tap into the diverse strengths and contributions of individuals and groups, she helps companies shift toward a more inclusive and higher performing culture. She is a trained facilitator in Open Space Technology and World Café; a certified Scrum Master and DiSC assessment facilitator.

Suzanne holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from McMaster University in Ontario, Canada. She lives in Sarasota, Florida. She currently serves on the US Open Space Institute Board as president.

Involving Diverse People in the Business is Critical

Suzanne knows that when we invite people across the organization, multi-hierarchical, multi-sector and multi-generational, to actively participate in the REAL issues of the business, we unleash the personal and collective leadership that ultimately creates a culture of innovation, creativity, high energy and peak performance. She has seen it first hand, hundreds of times with clients and in the organizations where she worked.

Too often, strategies are developed and priorities are set without involving and consulting those closest to the work. The impact on the bottom line and the business are incalculable. A huge loss in capacity and performance.

And yet to involve and include is so simple and it can be done in so many different ways. Working with clients, she has seen how quickly individuals and teams responsibly jump in, energized to make a difference and to achieve results.

The journey to self-management is to establish simple practices and processes that support this level of engagement in our daily work rather than being something that happens only once in a while. This is at the core of the work that she does with clients.

What Suzanne can do for you

Suzanne Daigle works internationally offering expertise in making the most of human capital to achieve peak performance. Her offerings include:

  • Strategic Dialogue Processes (facilitation, mentoring and coaching)
  • Experiential Learning (teaching and transfer of skills)
  • Individual and Team Assessments
  • Business Strategy and Communications

Suzanne’s Consulting Approach

Suzanne’s passion is creating and growing cultures where everyone can have a voice on the most important issues of the business. She is deeply committed to working with clients who believe in the untapped potential of people in their organizations and want to do more.

“Our consulting work begins with a dialogue about a client’s business: their issues, opportunities, prospects and potential. It is through these initial give-and-take conversations that best opportunities and root cause solutions emerge,” says Suzanne. “It’s also how we jointly determine if there is a fit and if NuFocus can help or not. In the end, what we want for our clients is the support and expertise that they need.”

In her specialized field of organizational self-management, Suzanne is a pragmatist, grounded in current realities with an eye to the future. She values deliberate step-by-step approaches that leverage the best of what we are doing already while also seeking to embed new and proven practices and processes that invite shared leadership and individual accountability.

A lot of the work on the journey to self-management and higher engagement is simple and common sense though dismantling non-value, overly complicated and outdated methods of working is by no means easy. By replacing what we’ve been doing with more vibrant, agile, inclusive and emergent ways of working, by taking action every chance we get, and by inviting more people in the conversations and context of the business, the journey to sustainable strategic success gains traction.