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Richard Thériault

Partner, Financial and Management Strategist Moncton, NB

“Richard’s down-to-earth style helped him fit right into our business while he helped us secure capital and establish a better business plan. We have reached new levels of success with his help.” - Bernie Casey, CFO CE3 Electronics Inc.

Contact Richard

  • Tel: (506) 860-6010 x111
  • Mobile: (506) 874-6286
  • Fax: (506) 384-9414

Languages: English, French


Richard Thériault’s degree in Business Administration was just the beginning of his in-depth knowledge of the business world. He gained much more when he walked in the shoes of the entrepreneur, owning a multi-million dollar international boat-building business.

He has also held executive and leadership positions in manufacturing, consulting and banking as he created a skills portfolio to become a true financier.

A “roll-up your sleeves and pitch in” kind of leader, he also gleaned information about the international market through his own business and consultation work. In addition, he led numerous trade missions to help businesses develop import-export markets.

A Wealth of Project Experience

Richard has been involved in more than 250 projects delivering business plans, market studies, business diagnostics and strategic plans in recent years.

In all his experience, he insists that business is not necessarily complicated; sometimes it just takes another set of eyes looking at the situation to identify a solution. He finds innovative ways to assess businesses so that working with entrepreneurs, he can bring their businesses to the next level.

In particular, his considerable experience in capital sourcing, financial planning and cash flow and profit building has helped small and medium-size businesses achieve new stages of success.

What Richard Can Do for You

Richard Theriault offers expertise to small and medium-sized businesses and assistance in financial management and leadership. Specifically he assists clients with:

  • Business plans, execution strategies and financial management
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial planning, capital readiness and capital sourcing
  • Cash flow and profit building
  • Government relations and economic liaison
  • Governance and Coaching

The Consulting Approach

To Richard, business is all about connecting the right people together, looking for creative solutions, and using numbers to define paths and business potential.

“I think it helps a lot because I have been where they are,” he says of his clients. “I know what it is like to ride the high and low cycles of business, and try to figure out where to go from here.”

Richard’s knowledge of government relations and his skill in economic liaisons have helped him secure sound footing for many of his clients. His expertise in encouraging leadership skills and his respect for the entrepreneurial spirit give him a valuable perspective as a consultant.