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Ray Hébert

Affiliate - Strategist and Entrepreneurial Coach Dieppe, NB

“Ray takes the time to understand all aspects of a company instead of just offering cookie-cutter solutions. He has innovative ideas and the skills to engage people to make them happen.” - Normand Caissie, President & CEO, Imperial Manufacturing Group

Contact Ray

  • Tel: (506) 860-6010 x103
  • Mobile: (506) 850-0644

Languages: English, French


Ray Hebert is an accomplished business strategist and entrepreneurial and success coach. His clients praise his ability to help them step outside the bounds of conventional thinking and see alternative options to growing their businesses and themselves.

Working with clients at a local, national and international level, Raymond has a Bachelor of Business Administration with a major in marketing from Universite de Moncton and extensive work in leadership, marketing, and business diagnostics.

For 20 years he has been an entrepreneur and has owned many businesses. He is the founder of NuFocus Strategic Group and NuFocus Marketing.

Ray came from the creative side of the marketing businesses, and quickly concluded that many clients were not well served by taking the traditional advertising agency approach. He offered a way of looking at their businesses as a whole, not just a series of products or services to be marketed.

He believes in family and the value of taking time to restore and replenish to remain sharp, productive and focused.

Leveraging Experience to Add Value

Ray has consulted with hundreds of businesses and individuals in almost every industry sector and now leverages this experience of different sectors, business models and markets to benefit his clients. Sometimes that means taking an idea from one industry and applying it to another business model, or considering different strategies or even distribution channels.

“There is a relative consistency in all of what I deliver to clients, and it focuses on having the right business model to position the company to add the most value, to differentiate from competitors, and to build incremental success to be fortified and ensure sustainability,” he explains.

Working with the dreams and passions of his clients as his foremost consideration, he understands there are few textbook solutions in the real world of business.

He believes that strategic advice has the most value when it follows a thoughtful, rigorous process of looking at the business situation holistically, not jumping at the first idea. He helps clients to specialize and define a clear and strategic path to owning their niche.

Get Ray On Your Team

Ray Hebert is a strategic thinker and marketing specialist who can assist individuals and organizations, both for profit and non-profit, to achieve their goals. Specifically, he can help by offering:

  • Strategic planning at the corporate or business unit level
  • Success coaching for executives and entrepreneurs
  • Leadership development coaching and retreats
  • Marketing, planning and execution

Consulting and Coaching Approach

Ray’s passion is helping people succeed in business and in life, and it drives everything he does. He believes that his best success is to help his clients discover for themselves the direction their business should take.

“I believe my clients know their business best,” he says. “They have the dream and the passion for the business; they know their trade or industry; they understand how to add value.”
His contribution is that he can see the business from many angles.

“I challenge conventional thinking and together with my clients, envision new strategic opportunities,” he says.

Ray maintains that the easiest way may not necessarily be the best way. It is sometimes essential to invest in innovation and research and development rather than milking the market. Long term sustainability trumps short term profits.