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Pierre LaPlante

Partner - Delivering Results & Leveraging Innovation Shediac NB

“Working with Pierre has been a privilege. He is a professional, knowledgeable and personable individual to work with and the deliverable was on time and surpassed expectations. I would recommend Pierre as a consultant to any firm looking for distinct expertise in the field of technology, innovation and economic development.” – Sophie Theriault, Director of Technology Transfer and Commercialization Coordination, Three Oaks Innovation Inc.

Contact Pierre

  • Tel: (506) 860-6010 x305
  • Mobile: (506) 852-0371

Languages: English, French


Pierre Laplante has been called both an architect of solutions and a creative problem solver, but his unique skill is his strength in customizing business solutions, including technology, to new contexts that meet his clients’ needs. He can take multi-faceted situations and see them in the pattern of new, workable systems.

His career in business spans twenty-nine years during which time he acquired a wealth of knowledge in the corporate world by implementing major changes in business and information technology strategies, then shifted to adapt this expertise to the benefit of the small and medium size enterprise world.

He has strong values and a positive attitude that does not negate a critical eye as he scans all aspects of a problem. Taking a disciplined and deliberate approach combined with an inherent integrity, he creates workable solutions that build from his foundation of skills in leadership, innovation, product development, and information technology.

Experienced Leader in Strategy Development

Pierre has achieved a breadth of experience, functioning at a high level in business. He understands the many aspects of business and marketing, but he also possesses a keen comprehension of the human factor. A thinker, he asks good questions and takes time to reflect and process the answers to create a composite picture of the workplace problem from different angles.

He has managed multi-million dollar budgets, led key corporate operations, negotiated critical business partnerships, and spearheaded innovation that contributed to the bottom line while earning organizations international acclaim.

He is a leader in the processes of strategy development, planning and execution, change management, organizational innovation, and information technology effectiveness.

Pierre enjoys partnering with businesses as they engage in adapting to a changing economic environment, helping them achieve success through innovative thinking and practical applications.

What Pierre Can Do For You

Pierre Laplante is a seasoned leader, an objective thinker, and a coach for senior leaders. He can help business with:

  • Developing effective strategies
  • Developing planning and execution approaches that deliver results
  • Organizational innovation: “Leveraging an organization’s full innovation potential”
  • Managing change
  • Adapting and leveraging business processes and technology
  • Group facilitation

The Consulting Approach

Pierre executes his business strategies with what he calls the “triple GET” formula: “Get things done! Get things done right! Get the right things done!”

He takes a strong structured and holistic approach to problem-solving, with just the right amount of process. He is a good judge of character and capabilities, which allows him keen assessments of the fit for his role and others in the process of change. He has a knack for encouraging people to stretch to reach their own best.

Clients value his ability to fully comprehend their situation before he starts to work with them on developing solutions and plans to meet their challenges.

“I’m a down-to-earth person and I think that helps a lot in consulting with businesses. Clients are looking for a practical approach based on fact and appreciation of the solid values of the company,” he says.



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