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Marc Grandmaison

Associate Partner - On Target Marketing Dieppe NB

"My consulting approach is based on my credo: ‘always do what is necessary’"

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  • Tel: (506) 860-6010 x315
  • Mobile: (506) 850-3626

Languages: English, French


A skilled and bilingual marketing and management consultant known for his diplomatic approach and tactical planning, Marc Grandmaison is focused on working in tandem with companies and helping business owners, marketing managers and department managers achieve their goals.

Leveraging his wealth of past experience in both the public and private sectors, Marc brings marketing and advertising expertise, along with detailed project management skills and extensive knowledge in product development and sourcing. He also works in the field of managing intellectual property and assisting clients with the certification of products with safety standards organizations.

Highly accomplished at adapting his consulting approach to unique business environments, Marc believes the most crucial rule of consulting is never to assume he knows more about a business than its owner. He is an active listener and keen researcher as he works to bring solutions to clients.

Educated at Université de Moncton, Marc has an impressive career in marketing and advertising, having assumed key management roles in some of Atlantic Canada’s most prestigious communications agencies.

Helping People Achieve Their Goals

Marc’s career, which included lengthy stints as a production manager at Hawk Communications, an account directorship at Bristol Communications, and a marketing and engineering management post at Imperial Manufacturing Group, reinforced to him the importance of being able to work with different teams as projects came together.

It is a skill that serves him well now as he assumes a new, entrepreneurial role as an associate partner with NuFocus Consulting Group. “I work alongside people on my team. I may be a planner, but I am also a doer, and I think that distinguishes me from some consultants who just want to direct. I am a partner in the projects I am hired to do, and this approach works well for me.”

“Because of my business background, I have been on the clients’ side before, so I know the strategies that worked effectively for me, and I bring those to the table now.”

“The first step is always to listen to what their objectives are and to understand who the target audience is. Everything grows from that knowledge.

What Marc Can Do for You

Marc Grandmaison is a skilled marketing and advertising consultant who helps companies and organization add value and attain their goals.

He can assist clients with:

  • Marketing new and current products and brands
  • Creating effective and imaginative advertising campaigns
  • Conducting detailed project management
  • Managing intellectual property
  • Certifying products with safety standards organizations

The Consulting Approach

After listening to his client’s concerns, Marc’s approach to consulting is to then engage in a research process as he seeks to combine his first-hand knowledge with best practices in problem areas identified.

“I always do what is necessary,” he explains, noting that companies who need consultants are sometimes loath to call because they want to solve a problem, but not to overdo the consultant’s role.

“My approach to consulting is very grounded in common sense,” Marc says. “I try to keep to grass roots basics and solve the problem at hand. I have been on the corporate side long enough to know how frustrating it is to have someone come in with too long a list of processes, that will add too much expense or time. I want to solve the problem, and then recommend a series of achievable steps in the context of a realistic work environment. I also actively guide in the actual integration of these steps.”

Marc also makes it a priority to keep the target audience in mind as he works out his strategies. “I ask myself, ‘will what I am doing speak to the company’s audience?’ It doesn’t matter if I like something or not; I have to know that it will speak to the relevant audience.”