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Doug Kirkpatrick

US Partner - Innovating Organizations San Francisco CA

"In addition to Doug being an extremely accomplished analyst in the fields of Business Process and Corporate Transformation, Doug is a leading expert in the field of Organizational Design." ➤➤➤➤➤ Mark McGregor, Research Director at Gartner

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  • Mobile: (209) 605-5869

Languages: English


Doug began his business career with a Northern California manufacturing startup, serving as financial controller as the company grew to approximately $100 million in sales. He then joined The Morning Star Company, now the world’s largest tomato processor, leading finance and accounting processes, legal affairs, information systems, HR and risk management of its original facility through the initial construction phase and beyond.

Now serving as an organizational change consultant, educator, executive coach and trusted advisor to both startup and legacy CEOs and teams, Doug helps leaders realize tangible business results from creative organizational design. He combines his finance experience in the manufacturing sector with a diverse business background that includes process analysis, program design, and executive education with a passion for developing the agile, adaptable and sustainable organizations of the future.

Doug holds a B.A. in economics from Pacific Lutheran University and a J.D. from Willamette University College of Law. He is the author of “Beyond Empowerment: The Age of the Self-Managed Organization”, a TEDx speaker, and a core team member with Great Work Cultures. He is a co-founder of The Morning Star Self-Management Institute and delivers courses on organizational design for the Center for Innovative Cultures at Westminster College. He speaks around the world on the organization of the future, including China, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Denmark, Canada, Mexico and the U.K. Currently, he serves as a director for the Association for Talent Development (ATD, formerly ASTD), the world’s largest talent development association, with over 40,000 members in 120 countries.

Co-Creating the Organizations of the Future

Doug began a lifelong journey of learning after Morning Star’s founder sought and received approval from the original small core team building the first factory for the adoption of organizational self-management as the company’s operating system. The success of that factory led to business growth and eventual construction of other facilities, until Morning Star became the world’s largest tomato processor, with activities spanning the entire supply chain.

While balancing a diversified portfolio of client responsibilities, he co-founded the Morning Star Self-Management Institute, and created and led the Morning Star Mini-MBA program to develop colleague skills in strategic planning, financial literacy, business process management, leadership, teamwork and negotiation.

Morning Star made the cover of the Harvard Business Review in December 2011, where the headline invited readers to peek “Inside The World’s Most Creatively Managed Company”. Author Gary Hamel’s article described the philosophy, systems and techniques of enterprise self-management. Living the origin and evolution of organizational self-management gives Doug a unique perspective on the boundless opportunities and potential challenges inherent in such a journey.

Having helped other organizations make the journey, Doug knows that not every path is linear and that there is no cookie-cutter approach to implementation. He understands that every journey must be tailored for a client’s unique organizational culture. It is crucial to apply a thoughtful dual strategy of shifting traditional mindsets while enabling new collaborative network processes. This balanced approach is the key to creating a powerful enterprise equipped to handle the whitewater of a fast-changing environment.

What can Doug do for you?

Doug’s background combines a diverse operational business background with groundbreaking experience in organizational self-management. It includes:

• Organizational and Culture Change
• Leadership Development
• Education and Training
• Coaching and Mentoring
• Curriculum and Program Design

Consulting and Advisory Approach

The world today is different than it was last year. Human knowledge doubles every thirteen months. Information moves at the speed of light. Most management models were originally designed for the railroad and steel industries of the mid-1800s, when information moved at the speed of Morse code. Yet most organizations today are still trying to manage extraordinary complexity with brittle and rigid hierarchy. Doug believes that the path to managing complexity is with simplicity—using the inherent power of an agile, resilient, and sustainable networked organization built on the proven principles of organizational self-management.

His experience with developing organizational self-management in several companies gives him a uniquely rich consulting perspective on philosophy, culture change and methodologies for adopting self-management at the personal, team and enterprise levels.

People are hungry for purpose and meaning in their work. Organizations that find ways to connect people with purpose via self-management will discover a strong and sustainable competitive strategic advantage. Doug’s experience and passion is for making those connections. For organizations that have made the journey, the practice of enterprise self-management is a key success factor for both human engagement and tangible business results.



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