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Nufocus Way

Our Mission is to help people succeed in business and in life

Who We Are

NuFocus Strategic Group is a team of consultants who are passionate about what they do; people who are convinced there is a better way to help businesses and organizations grow and succeed.

Unlike solo or single practice consultants, we offer a holistic approach to solving organizational problems by providing expert assistance in a wide range of fields. We are a learning community, always investing in our skills and tapping into each other’s strengths, whether it’s working in teams with clients, at our partner summits, or at leadership events that we host with clients.

What We Do

NuFocus Strategic Group’s goal is to help you be successful as defined by you. We listen carefully to understand your business, its challenges and your goals. Together, we identify the right prescriptions to address your most pressing business pains and to leverage your opportunities for growth and success.

Our “better way” consists of having access to experts in every aspect of your business. We can tap into the knowledge and experience of our consulting partners to help you – they are people who share our passion and convictions about making businesses grow. With your involvement and support, we are able to work closely as true Partners in Growth.

The Reality

All businesses live through cycles as they face different challenges and opportunities. Rather than guess at the problem or worse, implement solutions that will not resolve the situation, NuFocus works with clients and their internal teams to carefully identify the issues and implement the best course of action.

We help you gather evidence and data to support the actions you can take based on a clear understanding of the benefits and positive impact on your financials and the business. It’s what we do. It’s what we’re passionate about and what we’re good at.

Your NuFocus team will work with you on three levels:

  • Strategic. We work with you to continually assess effectiveness and relevance, chart progress and adjust as opportunities emerge and issues present themselves.

  • Practical. Remaining objective, we monitor, guide and actively spur the project management, emphasizing the most practical route to success.

  • Involved. We help you do it, with a hands-on approach. Our involvement is always predicated on adding value through shared learning and a timely transfer of expertise and new methods to your staff. Only then is our work complete because we know that the ingredients for sustainable success are in place.

What to Expect

We take great pride and go to great lengths to understand your business. We listen. We share and we probe so that together we are able to identify opportunities, define problems and agree on solutions. We help you step back from your day-to-day activities in order to have a clearer picture of the future.

In this exploratory process and through the execution of new strategies and solutions, we have access to the combined expertise of our partners and affiliated experts. We also tap deeply into your organization, with a true hands-on team approach because we believe your people know your business best.

They should be energized by the possibilities and own the solutions. This is what we mean by a NuFocus holistic approach. A tailored and targeted path tied to your specific needs is developed. This is done through mutual agreement based on the strategies and actions that you believe will drive real improvement and change in your organization. Make no mistake; you remain in the driver’s seat every step of the way. Our approach is not report based. We focus as much on execution as discovery and you can count on us from beginning to end, working with your people to keep a keen eye on results and your business success.